Elyja (pronounced Elijah)

Ley Line Walker


1st LvL Ley Line Walker
Stat: Physical Beauty is 26, this gives Elyja the ability to make friends out of EVERYONE.
Alignment: Scrupulous
Cyberware: None
Combat MO: Fly around on hovercycle and cast magic. If unable to cast good magic, use the hovercycle’s laser weapons.


Elyja was born in 49 P.A. (Post Apocalyptic calendar) in the city state of Kingsdale. He has silver hair, blue eyes, white skin and is EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful. Being surrounded by magic users all of his life, he was happy to become yet another Elf with the potential for magic. Trained as a Ley Line Walker for most of his life, Elyja joined the Kingsdale Army at the early age of 22. He served for 4 years before returning home to enjoy his status as citizen of Kingsdale and threw himself into the study of magic.
Around the age of 45 Elyja became bored with studying magic at home and decided the best way to expand his knowledge and mastery of magic was to travel the wasteland. He sold his magical knowledge and might as a mercenary to fund his way across the wastelands.
After 3 years of traveling south and west of Kingsdale, Elyja found himself in a Pecos Empire city called San Antonio. There he met 2 eccentric people, Helen, a traveling circus performer turned combat medic, and Chett Awesome, a combat robot pilot with a brand new combat robot. All 3 seemed to hit it off and they formed a small, independent mercenary unit that very night (as they drank up all of the beer and Purple in a cantina).
Elyja’s goals are to travel the world, increase his personal power with magic, increase his knowledge of magic, kill all elf-hating humans that he meets.

Elyja (pronounced Elijah)

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