Chett Awesome

Hot, gay, elite combat robot pilot


White, male, human, native of RIFTS Earth. Coalition citizen and Coalition Army combat veteran.
Age 28, apparent age is the early 20s.
Robot Pilot, LvL 1 (Chett was 3rd LvL when the group leaves the Pecos Empire).
Cyberware: Internal calendar and Internal compass.
Alignment: Anarchist.

“Daddy”, AKA a Death Knight Assault Robot. Model: DK-AR 500 Infantry Assault Robot (Naruni Enterprises). 1 Particle Beam Cannon (right shoulder), 1 Energy Axe (hand held but attachable to the right leg), Missile Launchers (4 short range missiles, chest), 1 Laser Gun (left shoulder), Belly Rail Gun (lower torso). Crew of 3 (pilot, co-pilot, gunner), can carry up to 4 passengers. The controls are designed so that the pilot can handle all functions as necessary. Running speed: 70 mph (112 km). 30 ft. (9.1 m) high, 16 ft. (4.9 m) wide, 14 ft. (4.3 m) long. Cargo: minimal storage space, about 4 square feet. Power system: Nuclear, average life is 18 years.


Chett Awesome, born Joe Papadapolous in the Coalition city-state (in his case the actual city) Chi-Town. Joe aspired to see the world and to get away from the stifling Coalition society and culture which left him feeling ostracized as a young gay man. Joe enlisted into the Coalition Army. His aptitude and extroverted personality landed him a career as a combat robot pilot.
Joe did enjoy the thrills of being a robot pilot, especially when he was transferred to the Coalition state of Lone Star. There in the wide lands of Lone Star, Joe made a name for himself as a good, competent robot jockey with decent combat reflexes and intuition. The only snag to an otherwise glorious career was Joe’s open homosexuality and refusal to “blend in” to straight society.
Upon completion of his combat tour, Joe left the Coalition Army and headed east and south, into the Pecos Empire. He was able to meet an older, grizzled combat by the name of Alfredo Wesson in the Pecos city of San Antonio. Alfredo appeared to be in his late 60s but was actually younger. Decades of being a mercenary combat robot pilot had taken away his beauty and the horror of wars took away his charm. Joe, now calling himself Chett Awesome, signed on as an apprentice merc/robot pilot under Alfredo Wesson.
Near the end of the two year apprenticeship, Alfredo Wesson was killed in a violent skirmish with Pecos Raiders_. As he lay dying, he gave Chett all of his credit cards (_NGMI, Universal Credit and Black Market) and ownership of everything he had- including his old but trusty Northern Gun combat robot. Emotionally hurt from the loss of a good mentor and friend, Chett traveled back to San Antonio, sold most of the gear, the combat robot and with all of the ensuing money, bought a DK-AR 500 Infantry Assault Robot from Naruni Enterprises. In San Antonio he met 2 companions, Elyja and Helen. All 3 decided to form an un-named mercenary group and took up the job of protecting a merchant caravan heading south and west, deeper into the Pecos Empire.
Chett’s main goals in life are to help train young, inexperienced robot pilots, make a lot of money, and have sex with as many good-looking men as possible. He named his combat robot “Daddy” and looks forward to the future.

Chett Awesome

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