Wandering the Wasteland

1- The friends make it to New El Paso

It's early April, year 97 in the Post Apocalyptic (AKA P.A.) calendar (provided by the Coalition States).  The heat is starting to build up in the area and as the group of friends turned mercenary approach New El Paso from the east, they notice far too many tents and vehicles on the outsides of the city wall, bustling with people and excitement.  They also notice that several combat robots help guard the city, protected by its ramshackle, but no doubt Mega Damage materials, city wall.  Other sights include the large mountain rising up behind the city and a massive white cross, kilometers away to the south and west, carved or built into the next nearest mountain.

The un-named group of friends escort their merchant boss and his scraggly caravan up to the city gate where the merchant pays the local lawmen guarding the gate and city wall for entrance to the city.  The merchant rushes to Elyja to give him a Black Market credit card, money he owes to the 2 men and 1 woman team for their services in protecting his convoy from the deadly and infamous Pecos Raiders.  

Elyja takes the card and flies his hovercycle back to his friends to figure out what to do next.  According to the merchant, you can't enter the city without leaving any vehicles with mega damage weapons attached behind and also leaving behind all mega damage weapons and armor.  This is troubling news since everyone in the group has lethal armor and weapons on themselves and their vehicles (and one combat robot)- thus preventing them from entering the city with their rides, guns and armor.  

Frustrated, Chett Awesome, piloting his DK-AR500 (commonly known as the Death Knight Assault Robot) combat robot, says to split their earned credits and figure out what is going on with all of the temporary residents living outside the city walls.  As he scans the area, Chett sees 2 places of interest- the Coalition States Embassy (one black, Mega-Damage concrete, bunker surrounded by concertina wire with Coalition "Dead Boys" walking the perimeter- the embassy obviously being underground) and a long strip of concrete with one gargantuan bunker surrounded by smaller bunkers  (all painted desert tan and obviously made of some Mega Damage material).

The three friends, Elyja- Dimensional Being (AKA "Dbee" in the Wastelands)- (elf to be exact), male and Ley Line Walker from the city-state of Kingsdale; Helen- a female circus performer turned mercenary/combat medic hailing from a region of the wastelands uncommonly called "Arkansas"; and Chett Awesome, young, human male (with a flare for make up, jewelry, expensive clothing and hair dyes), a former Coalition combat robot pilot turned mercenary for the money and freedom the Coalition States won't allow, look over the mass of temporary shelter and decide to find out what's going on.

Most of the people, though heavily armed and covered in dust, dirt, sweat and grime, appear to be friendly and in a pleasant mood.  From the masses, large and small, the friends learn the following: Northern Gun, THE weapons, armor, vehicles, medicine, if you need it they have it- producer of all goods (it seems anyway) in the Wastelands is coming to town.  Apparently Northern Gun arrives by air only twice a year.  They offload all of their merchandise at their company store ("See the bunkers near the airport?") and leave again, only to return sometime in the fall.  A truce has been declared by the various Pecos Empire warlords, gang leaders, clan elders and tribal chiefs to halt any and all violence in and around New El Paso as they too want to buy, sell or trade others for newer, better equipment.  An impromptu, open air market has created itself amongst the tents (both real and slapped together with whatever materials one may find) and vehicles to cater to everyone.  Some of the Pecos raiders and bandits have already come to town and are living amongst the mass of humanity.

The three friends begin to search the camp for information, goods and try to find out other information about where they are and what they are doing.  They spend most of the day doing so and come no further to the answer they want to hear, exactly when is Northern Gun arriving?



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