Mind Melter posing as a circus performer & combat medic


Mind Melter, 1st LvL
Cybernetics: None
Alignment: Unprincipled

Only piloting skill is motorcycle. Has taken the heavy weapons weapon proficiency skill to provide back up firepower in fights.
Combat MO: Stay as far away as possible from actual combatants. Use psionics when able to, otherwise use the heaviest guns to kill the enemy.


Helen Black was born in a hi-tech city-state called Newtown. Since Mind Melters are trusted as much as demons from Hell, Helen kept her psionic abilities a secret. These past few years, the Coalition Army has moved into the areas of Newtown and the only other city in the area, Fort El Dorado and begun to quietly and peacefully incorporate the only 2 centers of civilization. As the Coaliton States has a mandatory “shoot to kill” order on ALL Mind Melters, Helen decided to leave home and joined a travelling circus. Keeping her psionic abilities a secret, Helen (only going by her first name) traveled to the south and west of her homeland and ended up in the Pecos Empire. Learning that the Pecos Empire was at war with the Coalition States, Helen began to feel safe as her circus traveled to San Antonio.
In San Antonio she met a fellow homosexual, Chett Awesome, and a nerdy but beautiful elf named Elyja. As they drank the night away, the 3 new friends formed an independent mercenary company- Helen agreed to become the unit’s medic. She has yet to tell them she’s a Mind Melter.


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